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2016 Donors

Adobe Systems
Aimee Pinckney
Alan Warneke
Allen Ressler
Amazon Smile Foundation
Amy and Toby Holmes
Amy Baldinger
Amy Broomhall and Shanti Escovedo
Andra DeVoght
Andrew Johnson
Angela Gist
Angela Schonbok
Anne and Adam Atwell
Anne Higuera
Anne Kappelman
Anne Moses
Arlette Moody
Art Lyell and MaryJo Donnelly
Barbara and Perry Hansen
Barbara Duntley
Barbara Huff
Bangasser and Associates Inc.
Beardsley Family Foundation
Benita Buchanan
Beth Preslar and Raleigh Roark
Beverly Skeffington
Blythe Deines
Bob and Lauri Hennessey
Brent Poole
Brent Williamson
Brian and Alecia Carter
Brian and Aristy Gill
Brian Dumais
Bruce and Karen Kirschner
Bryce Battisti
Caitlin Maclaughlin
Caitlin Rothermel
Cameron Oliva
Carol D’Ambrosio
Carol Harrold Photography
Catherine Gruver
Celina Yarkin
Charles and Nancy Roehm
Charles Giller and Jennifer Sorensen
Charlotte and Charles Lovekin
Cherry and Jim Champagne
Claire Bronson
Claire Davis
Claudia Ross-Weston
Connie and Paul Sorensen
Corinne Roed
Dana Merritt
Dana Ness and Andy James
Dana Veron
Danny Rock
Darrin Stumpf
David Crispin
Deborah Banner
Don and Stacey Wolczko
Donald Cole and Joan Wortis
Donna and Greg Nespor
Douglas Aukland
Duke McMillin and Mary Elhardt
Ed Swan
Eileen Suver
Elizabeth McKendry
Elizabeth Loveness
Elliott Grossman and Audrey Nezer
Eric Iwamoto
Erin Sheridan and Loren Dunn
Essentials 4 Kathleen Fitch
Fair Isle Animal Clinic
Forrest Miller
George Heidorn and Pheo Martin
George Meng
Gerry Feinstein
Gina and Anthony Winkler
Ginger and Rob Hamilton
Glynis Delargy
Go Forth With Courage Parent Coaching
Goforth-Gill Architects
Greg and Diane Stoffer
Greg and Mary Rabourn
Greg and Pam Allison
Greg Elliott
Guadalupe Gaspar
Harrison Knowler and Bianca Perla
Heidi Tosterud
Henry Haselton
Integrus Architecture
Isaac Tanner
Isabella and Niklas Ormseth
James and Edna Dam
Jamie and Anne Dulfer
Jane and Barney Gill
Janine Bostock
Jason Rudolph
Jay Williamson and Bailey Delongh
Jean Okimoto
Jeff and Dolly Chale
Jeff Cohen
Jeff and Carol Sayre
Jennifer Schill
Jenny Graves
Jesse Johnson
Jill and Murray Andrews
Jill and Tim Heryford
Jill and Trish Dziko
Jodi and Clinton Burwell
Jody Metzger
John and Beth de Groen
John L. Scott Realty – Vashon
John MacLean
John Rees and Elizabeth Parrish
Jonathan Parrott
Joseph Bryan
Joy Clegg
Judith Burwell
Judith White
Julea and Kevin Gardener
Julie Stenger
Karen Baer and Rick Wallace
Karen Dupuis
Karin and Charlie Choo
Karin DeSantis
Katherine Bunnell and Delmar Langbauer
Kathleen and James Stephanick
Kathryn Hall
Kathy and Doug Jones
Keith Stern-Pirlot
Kim Petram
Kimberly Davis
Kirstin Eastman
Kristen Elliot
Kristin MacIntosh
Kyle and Julia Boelte
Lake Kennedy McCulloch CPA
Lance Morgan
Laura Bienen and Tom Rogers
Laurel Kuehl and John Martinak
Lauren Fruge
Lawrence Huggins
LDM Worldwide
Lee and Susan Casad
Leslie Selle
Linda Lotus
Linda Mather and Donald Canfield
Lisa Coley
Lisa Lorentzen
Lisa Miller
Lori Lieske
Lucy Harter
Marc Lord
Margaret Nelsen
Maria and Kevin Pottinger
Marianne Metz
Mark and Kathryn Yeoell
Mark Stromberg and Sunny Knight
Martha and Leif Ormseth
Mary Andrade
Mary Coucoules
Mary Fran Lyons
Mary Margaret and Daniel Briggs
Mary van Egmond
Mary Williamson
Matthew Lawrence
Maureen Burke and Pearce Cobarr
McIntyre Construction Services Inc.
Megan Minier and Kevin Wing
Melissa Overdorf
Michael and Krissy Soltman
Michael and Nancy Kappelman
Michael Knodt and Adrienne Edmonson
Mike and Jenna Riggs
Mike Urban and Catherine MacLean
Mrs. and Mr. Rhoads
Ms. Mary Fran Lyons
Nahum and Melissa Gefkovicz
Nancy and Dennis Davidson
Nancy and Stephen Rose
Nancy Sparks
Odegard Family
Oscar and Molly Ajeto
Oz and Jenny Osborne
P Minier
Paco and Tami Brockway-Joyce
Paige Geldhof
Pam Stenerson and Peter Walker
Pat and Ellen Call
Paul Anderson
Paul Boyes
Paul Brown and Suzanne Hubbard
Peter Serko
Rachel Shea
Randy Smith and Sharon Metcalf
Raven Pyle-McCrackyn
Ray Patchen
Remony and Robert Henry
Rheagan and John Sparks
Richard Gordon
Rik and Molly Reed
Robert Bringhurst
Rose Eades
Rowena Hammill and Doug Davis
Ruthann Howell and Tom Quackenbush
Samuel Plauche
Sandy Burns
Sara Filanoski
Sarah Dahl
Sawbones Worldwide
Scott and Laurie Thorpe
Scott and Sue Stinson
Scott Healey
Sean Waldron
Seattle Distilling
Seattle Foundation
Shannon Crowley
Shannon and Michael Meyer
Shannon Marsh and Sam Foucault
Shannon St Clair and Craig Link
Shanti Colwell
Sig and Harumi Mordre
Sound Advertising
Stephanie Spencer
Steven Brown
Sue and Art Rack
Susan Doerr and Tim Sullivan
Susan Keatts
Susan Lofland
Susannah Hannaford and Jack Profit
Tammy Teachout
Terry and Barb Jansen
The Boeing Company
Theo Eicher and Regina Lyons
Thomas and Jarlene Spring
Thomas and Valerie Wittwer
Thomas Gass
Tim and Elizabeth Kraabel
Tina Shattuck
Tracy Barrett Designs
Tricia Thompson
Vashon Thriftway
Viveka and Corey McIntyre
Whitney Zaring
Windermere Real Estate Vashon-Maury Island, LLC
Yumi and Jason Pringle
Yvonne Kuperberg
Zabette Macomber and Kelly Straight
Zoe Rothchild