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What We Do

Community support has been essential in helping to ensure our island’s public schools continue to be the best in the state. Our district has been highly successful in preparing students for the future. Our students have continued to receive a robust curriculum that includes a holistic approach to individual development.

Vashon Schools Foundation was formed in 2010 after a successful phone campaign in the spring of 2009 raised $59,000. This initial fundraising drive, called Save Our Schools, provided funds for one teaching position.  Over the last 5 years, Vashon Schools Foundation has directly contributed over 1.6 million to our schools – providing funding the district leadership has outlined as essential for reaching educational goals. Vashon Schools Foundation continues to be led by volunteers and will support the district until adequate state funding is available.

Here’s an overview of Vashon School Foundation contributions by school year:

2009–2010: $ 59,000

2010–2011: $236,681

2011-2012: $434,007

2013-2014: $279,607

2014-2015: $203,500

2015-2016: $190,000

2016-2017: $190,000

2017-2018 as of November 2017:$157,000

What have we funded? Teaching positions in CES Art, VHS AP, and Debate. Professional development and new curriculum for Math, English Language Arts, World Language and U.S. History. Updated class room tools such as science lab equipment and graphing calculators. Expanded preschool and Student Link opportunities. Programs such as Citizen Science, Second Step, and Sources of Strength.

We gratefully accept contributions throughout the year.

The Foundation’s 2018 Board of Directors

Tami Brockway-Joyce
Amy Broomhall, Vice President
Maureen Burke, President emeritus
David Carleton, Secretary
Ruthann Howell
Beth Lindsey, President
Michael Soltman, VISD Superintendent
Jenny Sorensen
Rheagan Sparks, VISD School Board representative
Don Wolczko, Treasurer

Donna Nespor, Administrative Coordinator

Glynis Delargy,  Accountant